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Monday, July 20, 2009

Insanity Fit Test

Hello Everyone! I know it has been awhile since I completed my second round of P90X. I having been doing a hybrid type of workout routine with mostly walking while I was waiting for Insanity to be released this month.

My Brother Chris and I will be doing this together...well actually, Barry is also doing this also!! He sent me a message this morning saying that He and his daughter did the fit test this morning @ 5:00am. He said it was a BEAST!

Now Barry is a Cardio junkie and for him to say it was a beast is a great thing for me and what I plan on doing the next 60 days.

So when Chris showed up this morning to start our insane journey, we were both pumped up to get started. In goes the Fit Test dvd and off we go...

Here are my results from the fit test.

My fit test results

Switch Kicks - 57

Power Jacks - 53

Power Jumps - 25

Globe Jumps - 5

Suicide Jumps - 11

Push-Up Jacks - 26

Low Plank Oblique - 40

All I have to say looks so much easier on the dvd!! After we completed the test...we were both in a flop sweat and just reflecting on what the next 59 days will bring. Support and motivation is key! I plan on following this whole routine to the "T".


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