Nutrition Simplified

Nutrition Simplified
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beachbody Programs

Find a program you like and I will help you with your fitness goals.


Monday, April 27, 2009

21 Day Challenge

It takes 21 Days to create a new habit or routine. Since beginning my journey in Dec of 2008, I am amazed at what really happens to people as they gain confidence and keep doing the things that breed success.

Awareness....This has been one of the keys to my success. I was at work taking out some food to eat out of my Famous Igloo and a co-worker asked me about my food journal. After explaining what I was doing, they made the comment that tracking your food takes the enjoyment out of eating the food everyday.

I then explained that I track the food to establish what a true portion size really is...and then further went on to explain that once I had a handle on what a portion size was of the foods I liked to eat, then I am now empowered with making a better choice as to what i eat and how much I eat at one time.

Tracking what you eat is just as important as tracking how many reps and weights you do for a given routine.

So for the next 21 days....pick one thing in your life that does not add to your health and well being and let it go for 21 days replacing it with a better alternative. Then write down the new action you are doing and read it out loud every day, write it on a piece of paper at your desk...put it on a post it note. Anywhere where you will read it.

Even though I talked about food, the challenge can be as simple as thinking positive thoughts and choosing how you react to things that happen to you. Good luck and keep smiling!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

One On One - Medicine Ball Core

So I changed up my routine a bit and added this one as my extra cardio for yesterday.  All I can say is thanks Uncle Tony!

This is a great workout in less than 30 mins and it will get the heart pumping and is a ton of fun! I highly recommend giving this one a try.

I am looking forward to getting my monthly One on Ones from Tony Horton. As an added bonus, if you are a subscriber to this series, you will also get the entire 40 min routine from Shane T's Insanity which will be released in June!!

If you are interested in any of Beachbody's Products, just click the Picture of Tony Horton ( The guy in the "X" Pose ) to get the best prices by ordering from my online store. 8)


Insanity Sneek Peek!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Tips for The Holidays

Avoid fat producing foods

By now you’ve had it drilled into your head many times that too much of anything
will get stored as fat and that calories are the most important factor in fat loss. However,
certain foods are more likely to be converted to fat than others - even at the same calorie
level. This is due to their thermic effect, the way they are metabolized in the body, or the
way they affect your hormones.

The three types of food that promote fat storage the most include:
(1) High fat foods (high calorie density; 9 calories per gram, low thermic effect)
(2) High sugar or refined carbohydrates (high calorie density, absorbed too quickly)
(3) Alcohol (high calorie density; 7 calories per gram. Suppresses fat-burning)

Avoid fat-producing food combinations

In addition to certain individual foods being more "fattening," certain food
combinations are doubly disastrous when you’re trying to lose body fat. The worst of all
possible food combinations is fat combined with sugar because it elevates your blood
levels of fat, sugar and insulin simultaneously.
Dallas Clouatre, author of "Anti-Fat Nutrients," explains, "When fat is eaten at the
same time as simple carbohydrates, both the fat and the carbohydrates are pushed into fat
storage. The 'bad' coupling of fats with carbohydrates slows down your metabolism and
causes you to gain weight."

The one food combination that you should never, ever eat if you want to get lean

Even though it’s a wise idea to allow yourself a cheat meal once a week, some
foods or food combinations should be avoided as much as possible. The fat and sugar
combination is undoubtedly the worst of all. It’s a sure-fire way to gain body fat so fast
you won’t even know what hit you. Low quality fats and refined sugars, eaten together,
are also contributing factors in the development of nearly every major disease. A few
obvious examples of the fat + processed carb combination include ice cream, doughnuts,
peanut butter cups, and fettuccini Alfredo.

The second worst combination is sugar and alcohol. Alcohol that is mixed in high
sugar drinks can contribute to literally thousands of calories over the course of an
evening. Alcohol inhibits fat burning. One night with a high-fat, high-carbohydrate
dinner followed by un-moderated drinking could set you back an entire week!

The top twelve worst junk foods that you should NEVER eat: "The Dirty Dozen"

Probably the best way to start learning how to pick the right foods and make fat
burning meals is to tell you what NOT to eat. If you know what not to eat, then through a
process of elimination, you’ll be much more likely to choose the right things. Make

The 12 worst fat-storing foods you should never eat
X Ice cream
X Fried foods
X Doughnuts and pastries
X Candy, chocolate & sweets
X Soda
X Fruit "drinks" and other sugar-sweetened beverages
X Potato chips
X Bacon, sausage
X White Bread
X Hot dogs, fast food burgers
X Cookies
X Sugary breakfast cereals


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Progress Report - P90X Round 2 Day 30 Pics

Still losing 1 lb per week. 4 weeks ago weighing in at 233 lbs today I am 229 lbs.

Starting out at 250 back in Dec and breaking the 230 mark is such a rush!! It is amazing what 1 lb will do for you mentally.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fellow Tennessean Won with P90X

Pain from a bulging disk and extra weight grounded 55-year-old skydiver, pilot John Walrond for a short time. He found P90X, which helped strengthen his back. Now he's back in the skies and a $1000 winner in February's MDB Game.


Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork!

Here is the group that I get my motivation and support from. There are tons of groups like this at the Team Beachbody forums. Take the time and lurk if you have to, but you need to be surrounded by folks heading down the same path and you will feed off of each others triumphs and setbacks. This is vital for your success. This is the 300 Challenge Group. We are currently doing our Memorial Day Weekend Challenge (MDW). The muscle shirt I have on is just some of the fun things you can do to keep you motivated and above all else Keep You Pressing Play!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I have Learn These Past Months...

Once you start working out and eating a clean healthy diet, you become aware and in tune with what your body really wants and needs to function properly. I have been on my wholesome clean lifestyle since Dec 5th 2008. I know that when I first think I am hungry, more than likely I am just thirsty. I know that when I don't get enough sleep at night, it affects my whole day. I use to think that working out made you tired...the opposite is actually true.  A few months ago, I would never walk around in my own house with my shirt off because I  didn't want my kids to see dad's belly. Now I see them look at me a little differently...they are proud of their father and the work he has put in to take better care of himself.

Beachbody has a great slogan. "Decide, Commit, Succeed"  You can apply this to every phase of your life and  you will make improvements no matter what if you apply these words to whatever struggle or obstacle that stands in your path. Once you feel good about stop sweating the small stuff....and yes, It's all small stuff.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kenpo X

Kenpo X done. Today was a breakthrough for me! I never had my HR above 122 during the whole routine before. Today my max was 148 and when vertical punches were done. I was at 142! I thought my HR monitor was broke. I am finally able to get my whole body into the moves and throw the punches from my core instead of arm swings. I am jacked from front to back!!


Life After "X" What's Next?


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