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Nutrition Simplified
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's Run...

My Son's came home from work today and they said they wanted to go for a run @ 5pm today. I said, cool...mind if I tag along. They said, no problem and proceeded to take a nap and I went back to Facebook / Mafia Wars and watching Ice Road Truckers.

As the 5pm hour approached, I started to stretch and get myself ready for the run with my sons....Keven was deep into his nap on the coach and Keith was upstairs resting and feeling a little tired as well.

I immediately released them from the commitment to run and told them we would do it some other time. 8) Now the thought to scratch the run quickly flooded my being and the daily static don't need to run's too humid know, the list that never stops!

I then started to visualize my goals for the summer and thought about how I would feel after my jog was over. You see, once you start feeling good, it is very hard to rationalize not working out or better yet...not making a deposit into your health and wellness account. Then I re-read a blogpost from my friend Jacquie today and it was a done deal!

Off I went down the road and when I was done,I proceeded to suck in as much oxygen I could find. Then I started to get that good feeling and proceeded to knock out a few push ups. Today reminded me the importance of having goals and visualizing the end result. I am one step closer and feeling good of the choice I made to invest in me.


Friday, May 29, 2009

My New 16KG Kettlebell - 2 Arm Swings

Cell phone video = bad. 8)

I will use the laptop next time to see if that gives a better video. I'm really excited to start adding this to my fitness routine. Stay tuned for more pics, videos and my progress.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Insanity Sneak Peak "Plyo Circuit Routine"

Knowing that this routine will be coming out in June, I wanted to get a benchmark as regards to my ability to do this workout. Currently on my 3rd month, second round of P90X and looking forward to whatever the next workout routine will be.

After going through the preview which was the entire Plyometric routine, I now know why this program is called Insanity! My Heart Rate before starting was 82. During the Insanity workout my max HR was 158....I repeat, I took lots of breaks. 8) My average HR was around 152 and my HR afer the water breaks averaged around 138. Even though the breaks were plenty, 158 = 91% according to my age and weight.

Like so many others have said that have tried this preview workout, this is one you will not outgrow anytime soon. You should be in pretty decent shape before attempting this or you will be watching most of it....which may not be too bad after seeing some of the cast members. 8)

Looking forward to getting the entire routine and checking out the nutrition plan as well.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

KenpoX Sweat


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plyometrics = Sweat Bucket

I have recently added some Joint Flexibility Exercises upon waking up and going to bed at night. If feeling good is any indication...I am real excited for the future!!

I recently went to my friend Rob Orr to get some instruction on the use of the Kettlebell and how this routine can supplement my P90X workouts. Rob is a great teacher and he gave me some things to work on while I waited for my Dragonball Kettlebell to arrive. (Backorder until end of June)

So after a week of using the flex and stretch moves I learned from Rob, My plyometric routine today was greatly enhanced by the new found education from the flex and mobility moves.

It is a known fact that we humans do not stretch enough. Dogs and Cats instinctively stretch all the time. Now I have made a game out of it as well....when my dog stretches, so do I. 8)

I finally did all the lunges today! Also the Jump Knee Tucks are getting better as well. Now that I am getting into better shape, the Plyo routine is starting to become a favorite cardio routine. I think I will go out to Wally World and get a Vest to get just a few more drops of sweat out for next week.

Live Long and Prosper!


Friday, May 8, 2009



Go Shakeology, Go

Great blog post from CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler on the success of Shakeology.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Go Shakeology, Go!

Time to brag a little: Shakeology, a product that so many people said would cost too much, would taste "too green", and would not appeal to our fast-food-drive-thru culture, has absolutely taken off.

We've already sold almost 10,000 units since the summit. That's over a million dollar's worth - without TV advertising. And despite a money back guarantee, less than 1% of the people who buy the product return it. Less than 1%! Better still, the retention of the home direct program is the best in the company's ten year history: 72% of the people who sign up, have stayed in the home direct program.

I have been in the direct marketing business for 23 years. And I have NEVER seen numbers like that. This is an unequivocal home run.

UPDATE 5/7: I was speaking with Seth Tuckerman, our COO who used to be a big shot at Kraft Foods. He said when they launched a new product and achieved a 60% reorder rate, they knew they had a homerun. At 72% reorder, I think we're looking at a grand slam!

People are blogging about it - not just coaches - but customers. THAT'S how excited people are about how they feel. My own cousin sent me an email proclaiming that he lost eight pounds already thanks to Shakeology - that stubborn eight pounds that have been nagging him for years.

But to our shock, most people are looking beyond the weight loss benefits at the health benefits. In fact, I continue to read post after post of people who are fed up with fads, and this time they are putting their money where their health is.

Do you know how big this is going to be? BIG. And thanks for making it happen coaches! Thanks to you, a real nutrition breakthrough has transcended the anti-oxidant-fruit-juice-in-a-wine-bottle craze of the last five years, and the real deal is on the scene. Shakeology is here to stay, and you can only get it through the Beachbody Network at


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Makes A Champion?

The best thing about me is that I am a Champion.

I am not going to tell my life story or journey here but I know that the greatest type of person that exists is a Champion.

The greatest type of person we can become is a Champion.

Champions are the people that I will follow anywhere because I know that the path will lead to Victory.

The best type of people in the universe are Champions!

The absolute hardest thing to do in the world is never quit but it is also the most simple! Nothing can stop you from doing your best! No one can stop you from doing your best!

I know the greatest thing we can do in our lives is to comeback after failure, turn a negative situation into a positive situation, do what is right when bad things happen to us, or most simply, Never Quit! ....Don't Give Up, Don't Quit! No matter what.

Choose To Be Unstoppable.

Nothing can stop you from doing your best except yourself.

When you look at every single person in the history of the world who have achieved greatness in their lives they all have one thing in common and that is they never never never quit.

As long as you don't give up the time will come when everything will make sense and you will have obtained your ultimate destiny.

Focus on your dreams and never never never never never never never never never never never never never quit until you achieve them!


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