Nutrition Simplified

Nutrition Simplified
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Insanity Sneak Peak "Plyo Circuit Routine"

Knowing that this routine will be coming out in June, I wanted to get a benchmark as regards to my ability to do this workout. Currently on my 3rd month, second round of P90X and looking forward to whatever the next workout routine will be.

After going through the preview which was the entire Plyometric routine, I now know why this program is called Insanity! My Heart Rate before starting was 82. During the Insanity workout my max HR was 158....I repeat, I took lots of breaks. 8) My average HR was around 152 and my HR afer the water breaks averaged around 138. Even though the breaks were plenty, 158 = 91% according to my age and weight.

Like so many others have said that have tried this preview workout, this is one you will not outgrow anytime soon. You should be in pretty decent shape before attempting this or you will be watching most of it....which may not be too bad after seeing some of the cast members. 8)

Looking forward to getting the entire routine and checking out the nutrition plan as well.


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