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Nutrition Simplified
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's Run...

My Son's came home from work today and they said they wanted to go for a run @ 5pm today. I said, cool...mind if I tag along. They said, no problem and proceeded to take a nap and I went back to Facebook / Mafia Wars and watching Ice Road Truckers.

As the 5pm hour approached, I started to stretch and get myself ready for the run with my sons....Keven was deep into his nap on the coach and Keith was upstairs resting and feeling a little tired as well.

I immediately released them from the commitment to run and told them we would do it some other time. 8) Now the thought to scratch the run quickly flooded my being and the daily static don't need to run's too humid know, the list that never stops!

I then started to visualize my goals for the summer and thought about how I would feel after my jog was over. You see, once you start feeling good, it is very hard to rationalize not working out or better yet...not making a deposit into your health and wellness account. Then I re-read a blogpost from my friend Jacquie today and it was a done deal!

Off I went down the road and when I was done,I proceeded to suck in as much oxygen I could find. Then I started to get that good feeling and proceeded to knock out a few push ups. Today reminded me the importance of having goals and visualizing the end result. I am one step closer and feeling good of the choice I made to invest in me.


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